Life in Quarantine, During a Pandemic

Life in Quarantine, During a Pandemic



I’m not big on personal blog posts, but this year hit me and everyone hard. 

 The year 2020, well let’s just say has been interesting.  We’re living in this time that feels so unknown.  What is the next day, the next week, month, or even year going to look like?

 Let’s go back to March 13, 2020,  the last day before Spring Break.  I, a kindergarten teacher, started my day like any other day with fun activities for my kiddos because lets be honest, everyone is ready for a little break.  Living in Montana, many of my students had already left for a warm vacation...I remember by 10:00 am two kids that went to Hawaii were on a plane home, what  is going on? Many families also canceled trips at the last minute.  When I was getting ready to leave that day, a parent said, “I’m guessing we won’t see you for at least two weeks.”  I hugged some coworkers and walked to my car. When I got home and turned on the TV I was in shock as to what I have missed in just seven hours...COVID has hit the US.

 I went on with my night, had some drinks with friends, but in the back of my mind all I could think of is what does all of this mean?  As I said, I live in Montana, a state of a population of 960,566.  Will the virus not affect our small town?  My husband and I started our Monday, planning a few fun things to do on our week off, but by 4:00 pm our governor announces that at 8:00 pm we will be on lockdown...Lockdown??  What does that even mean...We begin to hear our town has the first positive test and is being hospitalized.  I think, wow okay this is real, then I start to question all these unknowns...Then I check my email.

 The school I work at sends out an emergency email, a staff member has tested positive. WHAT? HOW? WHO?  So many emotions are running through me.  We had a zoom meeting, and only one person wasn’t on the call...NO not her, is she okay?  What about her family?  The School?  We worked with her just four days before, do we all have it now?  The children and their families?  How is this possible in our small town, small school that I work at, the first positive case came from someone I am so close to...This doesn’t feel like it is even real, but it is. 

 After many days in the hospital, she was released. Her family all experienced different symptoms, this is crazy, now our Spring Break went from one week to two weeks, then a month, then the decision to not go back at all. Trying to teach five-year-olds over a computer lets just say was a challenge. When will it be back to normal?  I feel the word unknown is used so much, but after day 30 of lockdown, I did something I never dreamed I could do. 

 With not knowing what the next school year would look like and having the time to start something I have always dreamed of I talked with my husband and he said “GO FOR IT!”, so I did!  Now I have my very own online clothing boutique!  BEYOUtify Boutique...Support a teacher, a small business owner!

 How are you guys coping these days?  Any tips you would like to share? Any stories about your time in quarantine?  Share them in the comments! Remember BEYOU!




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